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Keeping It Moving

Greetings from Northern California! The Bay area is a friendly land of opportunity because I have never been thrown out of any bars in this area (although I’m giving it everything i’ve got…). After wrapping up two weeks of stand up shows over this way, let’s roll the highlight reel.

Oldest Bar BoozecomaFirst night was in Oakland and among the people in attendance was my buddy Wally. I have known this guy for 20 years but he will always hold a sense of reverence with me after scaring the shit out of Howie Mandel with fireworks on national TV. Wally knows how I like to run and gets me started quickly after getting paid by bum rushing the oldest bar on the West Coast down on the docks. The floor in this joint sank 5 feet in one of those pre-internet earthquakes. The amazing news here is, since this place has shifted far enough to dictate that trucks are required to use low gear, any freshly ordered drink tilts directly into your mouth while still on the bar. Now, you might deduce from this piece of information that no one would ever leave. However, this venue employs one of those horrid maritime jug bands, maintaining constant open seats.

Mickeys BoozecomaNext stop-a TRUE dive bar that serves 40oz bottles of Mickey’s Malt Liquor. Mickey’s has been an evil pleasure of mine since the days of standing outside the carry out lassoing any guy that smelled like hash to buy beer for us. If you are not familiar with the “big bottle” lifestyle, it’s like drinking from a gas nozzle. And since California has a “no topping off” policy, I was capped at a gallon.


Laughs Unlimited 3Next on the schedule, the excellent Laughs Unlimited in Sacramento for 2 shows Friday and 2 more on Saturday. I can tell when I am working an excellent club, based on the number of emails I get from other comics asking me to help them get work there and my inbox blows up every time I’m here. Friday, I wore a red jacket to disguise the Oakland aftershocks of my face. One of the hidden bonuses of working several shows in one venue is chance to make adjustments to my set. Without sounding like a braggart, I was proud of the work I did Saturday night-weaving in new material, interacting with the crowd along with the jokes that are in the show. I would also like to welcome all the new fans of the Facebook page and the email list from from those shows and the Easter Sunday performance in Santa Cruz!

Modesto 2 CropTuesday night I rolled into Modesto California for a show at a cigar bar run by a fellow comedian. After the first few jokes, I lit a cigar and said “I’m going to tell jokes until this smoke is finished-if you want more jokes, I’ going to need more cigars…” While that sounds pompous, I did an hour and twenty minutes at Cheroot Cigar Lounge and smoked and drank with the audience like I was in the Russian Army. Easily my favorite performance of 2017.

Wrapped up my run here with some good shows at Comedy Oakland and a surprise visit from a friend from my home town. If you have any photos from any of the shows-feel free to share them here or on the Facebook page.