You Must Be Mistaken


It used to be the end of something came when you ran out of mistakes. But on the internet my friends, you are never out of mistakes. The internet is a warehouse of enough monumental slips and errors to make your biggest fuck ups worth only 37 YouTube views. I find my social media excellent for exploiting mistakes I make on purpose. Here is a taste of some of my recent exploits:

Twitter: My account is @boozecoma and if you are not following me you should. I’m posting jokes, show dates and some extra curricular activities like this number:








Instagram: The account is @boozecomashots and is great for capturing lapses in judgment such as this highlight:











Periscope: Reserved for my Shittiest Bottle series where I find the worst bottle in the bar and drink it live. I first chronicled it here in an earlier post. The account is also @boozecoma but since some of you don’t have the app-here is a link to a video of my encounter with Bubble vodka.


Use your better judgement people…


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