You can tell a lot about a stand up comic by the way they hold the microphone. John McClellan doesn’t hold the mic…

he strangles it.



Keeping It Moving

Greetings from Northern California! The Bay area is a friendly land of opportunity because I have never been thrown out of any bars in this area (although I’m giving it…

Extreme Takeover

I haven’t had a lot of luck with getting press lately so I thought I would interview myself about the X Games. Boozecoma World News: Have you been watching the…

Gimme Danger

When I first saw that the web search engine Bing declared that my site “might be dangerous” I thought “FINALLY! The recognition I deserve has been bestowed upon me!”…

You Must Be Mistaken

  It used to be the end of something came when you ran out of mistakes. But on the internet my friends, you are never out of mistakes. The internet…

Tour Dates

  • 14
    New York City
    Broadway Comedy Club
  • 24
    Holyoke, MA
  • 14
    New Haven CT

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