You can tell a lot about a stand up comic by the way they hold the microphone. John McClellan doesn’t hold the mic…

he strangles it.

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Sucked In

I love being right. So I start every day telling myself “Today is going to suck.” And if it does… I’m right, and that makes me happy. If it doesn’t…

Buzzfeed Break In

In my never ending attempt to be everywhere at once in order to be at the right place at the right time, I have gotten a submission into the internet…

Radio Show Clip!

The sure kiss of death for a stand up show is to either have your parents in the audience or tape the show in some way. In spite of this,…

Full Of Sheet

This a great time to be a sports fan with MLB Spring training and the NCAA Basketball tournament underway.  I’m going double fisted on Twitter these next few weekends live…

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